THIRD Annual Fundraising Raffle

IDA-UMB is holding its THIRD annual fundraising raffle. This year the raffle is better and EASIER than ever – instead of buying tickets for individual prizes, every ticket you buy goes into one basket for the drawing and makes you eligible to win each and every prize! You can even win more than one of the prizes, if you buy more than one ticket! Wow! And still only $2 per ticket!

We wanted to provide the information below as one central location for people to check for contest rules, a list of prizes, contest odds and other useful information.

Please contact for any other questions you might have!

Drawing will be held on November 18th, 2017
– All tickets purchased and paid for by ticket holders will be placed in one basket for the drawing.
– No tickets will be placed in the basket after November 15th, 2017.
– During the drawing, tickets will be randomly drawn one at a time until all prizes have been awarded.
– Once a ticket is drawn and a prize is awarded to that ticket, the ticket will be placed aside and ineligible to win further prizes.
– However, people who purchased multiple tickets ARE eligible to win more than one prize if they have multiple tickets drawn.
– To be clear, somebody who purchases 15 tickets could win all of our prizes. Another person who purchases 1 ticket can win only 1 prize.
Winners do not get to choose which prize they have won. The drawing will proceed in the order of prizes listed below and the random ticket drawn for each prize wins that prize only.
– Ticket holders need not be present at the drawing to win.

– Apple’s newest iPad ($350 value)
– Xbox One 500 GB Gaming System with Minecraft included! ($300 value)
– Amazon Echo ($180 value)
– Beats Solo-3 Wireless Headphones ($250 value)
– Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ($120 value)
– $100 Target Gift Card
– Another $100 Target Gift Card
– Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet ($80 value)
– Another Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet ($80 value)
– $100 Best Buy Gift Card
– Another $100 Best Buy Gift Card
– 7″ Kids Edition Amazon Fire ($100 value)
– Another 7″ Kids Edition Amazon Fire ($100 value)
– Keurig K200 Plus Coffee Maker ($70 value)

– Tickets are only $2 each and participating couldn’t be easier.
– Tickets will be sold only from October 15th to November 15th and then this program will become closed to further entries.
– Just follow this link to order tickets. All instructions are at this site.
– You may purchase any number of tickets, but at least 1 ticket must be purchased to be eligible for prizes.
– All purchasers of tickets will receive a physical copy of their ticket with a clear number assigned for each ticket. The “stub” for each ticket bears the same number and is retained by IDA-UMB for use in the drawing.
– We will NOT retain your name or e-mail address for any reason or add you to any mailing lists. Your personal information will be used ONLY to contact you for purposes of this contest or to send you prize winnings.

Tickets are only $2 each and participating couldn’t be easier.   Just follow this link to learn how!

– Presumed odds of any one ticket winning any one prize is 1 in 50. Odds may change depending on total tickets sold. Your individual odds can change based on number of tickets purchased.
– Winners will be notified via e-mail promptly after the drawing.
– Winners will be asked, via e-mail, to validate their shipping address.
– Prizes will be shipped immediately with a goal of all winners receiving prizes before the Thanksgiving holiday. This is not guaranteed.
– Winners’ names (First name and last initial, plus City/State) will be posted on the IDA website after November 18th 2017.

Thomas Strewler
International Dyslexia Association
Upper Midwest Branch





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