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2017 Excellence Award recipient in the area of “Program/Community Outreach”

From the International Dyslexia Association: “The Upper Midwest Branch has been selected as one of the 2017 Excellence Award recipient in the area of ‘Program/Community Outreach’ for your outstanding delivery and innovative use of webinars to advance the mission of IDA by raising awareness of dyslexia and appealing to a global audience. This was made evident by having your ‘Recognizing Dyslexia in the Classroom’ webinar making it to GoToWebinar’s top 100 webinars of  the year.”

Upcoming Webinars

Welcome to IDA-UMB’s 2017-2018 webinar series. We will be adding to this webinar schedule throughout the year. Register now for these upcoming webinars:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018,  7:00pm Central time

Enhancing Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades Using Assistive Technology

Presented by Jennifer Topple, MS, CCC/SLP and Kim Papastavridis, CCC/SLP

Have you wondered whether elementary students should use text-to-speech software (TTS) and whether listening to books might hinder student progress in learning to read independently?

Join our presenters to learn how TTS can actually enhance student learning and support their development of comprehension skills.


This webinar will be recorded. Register to receive notice when the recording is available.

Click here for more information and to register for “Enhancing Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades Using Assistive Technology.”


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