Common Signs of Dyslexia

Common Signs of Dyslexia

Preschool children may:

  • Talk later than most children
  • Have difficulty pronouncing words
  • Have a limited vocabulary
  • Be unable to retrieve the right word; creatively formulate substitute words
  • Have difficulty with rhyming
  • Have trouble learning the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, colors
  • Have trouble learning how to write his/her name
  • Be unable to follow multi-step instructions
  • Have difficulty telling or retelling a story in the correct sequence.

K – 4th graders may:

  • Have difficulty separating sounds in words or blending sounds to make words
  • Have a hard time learning the connection between letters and their sounds
  • Confuse small words or letters while reading
  • May read a word once and then not recognize it in subsequent appearances within the same text.
  • Have halting and frustrating oral reading fluency
  • Make consistent reading and spelling errors

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  • Have trouble remembering math facts, understanding multi-step math concepts and word problems
  • Experience great frustration when attempting new skills
  • Rely heavily on memorizing without understanding
  • Be impulsive and prone to accidents
  • Have difficulty planning
  • Use an awkward pencil grip
  • Have trouble learning to tell time

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