Treatment and Remediation

Treatment & Remediation

Now that you have a diagnosis of dyslexia, you have to learn the proper methods to overcome it. Reading, writing and spelling can be mastered by the dyslexic learner — they simply need to be achieved using another approach to learning.

According to the National Institute for Literacy, good reading instruction for all learners needs to be scientifically based reading instruction that includes five main components:

Phonemic Awareness
The ability to notice, think about and work with the individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words.

The relationships between the letters of written language and the individual sounds of spoken language.

The ability to read a text accurately and quickly. Fluency is important because it connects word recognition with comprehension.

Includes the words we must know to communicate effectively. Vocabulary is also very important to reading comprehension.

The reason for reading. If readers can read the words but do not understand their meaning, they are not really reading. Good comprehension greatly increases the joy of reading, bringing purpose and intellectual stimulation to play.

Review these important IDA Fact Sheets to learn more about what methods are right for you or your child.

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