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IDA Upper Midwest Branch Tutor Referral List Eligibility Requirements

The International Dyslexia Association – Upper Midwest Branch maintains a list of qualified tutors for reading, spelling, and writing remediation. As part of the application process, individuals are eligible to be part of the list if they are able to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Provide documentation of current certification by AOGPE (Associate or higher) or ALTA (Therapist or higher); OR provide documentation of successful completion of an IMSLEC  accredited training program (Therapy or higher); OR provide documentation of successful completion in one or more of the programs and approaches listed on the IDA Matrix of Multisensory Structured Language Programs.
  2. A documented supervised practicum must be part of the training in any of the methods or approaches.

If you fulfill these requirements and are interested in completing an application to be included on our tutor referral list download application here.

Please note that if you have not completed your training through one of the specific training programs or certifying organizations listed on the application, and are choosing the “Other Multisensory OG Training” option, you will be required to submit additional specific information including the dates, hours, and OG topics covered in the curriculum. The training programs and national certifying organizations had to meet rigorous requirements to be included on our application, and only individuals who have met those same requirements, with verifiable information for your training organization, will be considered for inclusion on the IDA-UMB tutor referral list.


If you have questions after reading the requirements for the Tutor/Academic Therapist Application, please contact us at referral.umw@dyslexiaida.org.

You may send a completed scanned form and additional documentation to referral.umw@dyslexiaida.org. A committee member will contact you regarding your application and the review process.


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