Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming  Webinars

Welcome to IDA-UMB’s 2017-2018 webinar series. We will be adding to this webinar schedule throughout the year. Register now for these upcoming webinars:


Wed. September 27, 2017,  7:00pm Central time

Executive Function and Dyslexia, presented by Jennifer Petrich, PhD

Executive functions (EF) are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for organization of information and regulation of behavior. EF impairment often exacerbates learning difficulties as well as obstructs attempts at remediation. It is therefore important to know the hallmarks and warning signs of EF impairment as well as how this type of deficit interacts with dyslexia and its intervention. This presentation will cover the development of executive functions, the neurobiology of impaired EF, how impaired EF manifests in dyslexic students, and how to address these deficits when working to remediate reading and writing in a dyslexic student.

 This webinar will be recorded. Click here for more information and to register.


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