Handouts and Presentations

Handouts & Presentations

Teacher knowledge and skill projects of IDA and CERI
Suzanne Carreker

Overload! The Cognitive Demands of the Student Writer
William Van Cleave

Dyslexia and ADD: Obstacles, Not Roadblocks to Academic Success
Rachelle Johnson, Eden Prairie High School

Reading Instruction That Works: What to Look for
Jeanie Munsterman

Handwriting: It’s More Important Than You Might Think!
Barbara Wilson, M.S., Ed.D. Wilson Language Training

High School to College Transition: Living and Learning Independently
Lee Baker

Dyslexia 101
Robin Rovick CALT, Board Member

Navigating the School System When a Child is Struggling with Reading and Dyslexia
Vicki Weinberg of Minnesota Department of Education & Rachel Berger, Decoding Dyslexia

Legal Rights and Procedures for LD Learners
Amy Goetz & Andrea Jepsen, School Law Center

Wanted: Teachers with Knowledge of Language
Louisa Moats, Ed.D.

School SLD Assessment vs. Private Neuropsychological Assessment: What’s the Difference Which is Best for My Child?
Jennifer Bennett, M.S., BrainWorks

Supporting the Vocational and Social Development of Youth and Young Adults with Learning Disabilities
Joe Timmons, University of Minnesota

What Every Kindergartner Should Know
Arlene Sonday, Author, The Sonday System

How Spelling Supports Reading
Louisa Moats, Ed.D.

Understanding Cognitive Skills
Jennifer Fisher, Ph.D.

Reading Instruction That Works
Jeanie Munsterman

Diagnosing and Assessing Dyslexia
Amy Basnyat



Keynote Address
Dr. Marcia Henry

Unlocking Literacy: Morphemes Matter
Dr. Marcia Henry

Special Education Law and Dyslexia
The Dyslexia Training Institute

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: The Role of Working Memory and Executive Functioning
Dr. Nancy Foster, Institute for Brain Integration

The “Write” Tools for Success When You Have Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia
Erika Frake, THINK with Success

Schools Supports at Home: How Parents Can Help Students Succeed in the Classroom
Kandi Retzloff, Groves Academy

New Approaches to Teaching Math to Children With Learning Disabilities
Dr. Joan A. Cotter

Reading Technology: Grades 2 – College
Erika Frake, THINK with Success

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